Which coffee makers is savepod compatible with?

savepod™ is compatible with almost all "K-Cup® 1.0 & 2.0" compatible coffee maker as well as the new "Multi-Stream" brewers. This includes, but is not limited to: K-Classic, K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, K-Slim, K-Duo, K-Select, K-Elite, K-Express, K-1500, etc. Please see our complete Compatibility Chart here.

Is savepod compatible with the new five-hole "Supreme, Multi-Stream" brewers?

Yes, we are compatible with the new "supreme & multi-stream" brewers. These are the "5-Hole Rings" Each order will come with one 1-hole ring & one 5-hole ring.

Is savepod a coffee brewer? Does it brew coffee?

No, savepod does not brew your coffee. Instead, savepod allows you to quickly and easily make eco-friendly pods out of any coffee you'd like! Think of savepod as your single-serve brewer's new best friend. A device that sits next to your "K-Cup compatible" brewer and holds all necessary components you need to make fresh coffee pods.

How do I get new filters?

You can order filters on our website when you're about to run out OR even better, subscribe to our auto-delivery service and we will automatically send you filters so you never run out or have to waste time ordering, we got your back. This service is absolutely free AND you get a nice discount on filters for being a member! 

How much will filters cost?

savepod filters will cost approximately 9¢-14¢ each (about 1/7th the cost of plastic pods). Price per filter depends on quantity purchased and auto-delivery subscription.

How many filters will our filter dispenser hold?

Our filter dispenser will hold a stack of about 25 filters. 

Don't refillable & reusable pods already exist?

Yes, refillable/reusable pods exist. The problem is they require a messy clean up. In fact, most people who try them end up going back to single-use plastic pods. Since the introduction of reusable pods, we've only seen single-use pod sales go up. If current refillable pods were a good alternative, shouldn't we have seen single-use sales go down? Our mission is to end the need for single-use coffee pods once and for all.

Colors savepod will come in?

Our pod maker will be available in Slate Black & Cool White. We will be adding more colors to match more kitchens as time goes on. 

Are savepod filters compostable?

Our filters are both 100% compostable. The only waste with savepod is the biodegradable and compostable filter and used ground coffee which is actually good and acts as a fertilizer for the planet. No harmful waste caused by savepods. 

Is savepod's coffee storage "drawer" compartment air-tight?

How much coffee does our drawer hold?

Our coffee drawer will hold roughly 140 grams of coffee. This is enough to make approximately 12 savepods. How one goes through 12-13 cups of coffee is different person to person & household to household.

What type of coffee could I use with savepod?

You can use ANY ground coffee your heart desires. That is the beauty of savepod, you have unlimited variety to choose from. Almost all pre-ground coffee will work well, medium grind size works best. 

How many pods will I save?

If you are part of a 3 person household, and each of you drink 2 cups a day, that's 6 pods per day. Multiply 6 by 365 days per year and you get 2,190 pods. So the average savepod device will save more than 2,000 plastic pods per year. Some will save less, but some will save even more.

How much money will I save?

It depends on how much coffee your drink, but let's use the same 3 person household, each person drinking 2 cups per day. That's 2,190 pods per year. Saving roughly 40¢-50¢ per pod that's: $876 - $1,095 saved per year. Over 10 years that more than $10k!

Why wouldn't  I switch to savepod?

You wouldn't switch to savepod if you enjoy paying upwards of 8X the price for worse tasting coffee. You shouldn't get savepod if you want to continue wasting unnecessary plastic for each cup of coffee you make. Lastly, fresher, better, and more variety of coffee doesn't interest you. Anyone else should strongly consider switching to savepod :)

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